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The Holy Soul & Jacky Winter & WACO & Peter Blamey

  • Petersham Bowling Club 77 Brighton Street Petersham, NSW, 2049 Australia (map)

Not so long ago The Holy Soul released Fortean Times, their third or fifth and a halfth LP, depending on how you count. 2SER says it's “part in tune with the classic and part in thrall to total abandon. It's a thrilling balance”. Gareth Liddiard produced the record, bought the band a round of raki and google image searched "really big balls". It's the band's 3rd show for the year, but only the 2nd to be played without a Morrissey cover band on the bill. 

Bowers and Spencer P Jones guitarist Phil Gionfriddo released a record of 4-track demos in 2007. He became obsessed with Wu Tang, bought an MPC and made 2 EPs of sideways dancefloor jams. "Playing 3 piece with Erica Dunn (Palm Springs) and Paul Pirie (Batpiss) and a double bass stack for the beats. The show is a deranged Temptations styled vocal group," Phil says.

W.A.C.O. began as a bunch of ladies getting drunk and singing songs about lost love and death etc around a wooden table. Their shows, consisting of medieval carols, italian horror film soundtracks, and god fearing Carter Family spirituals, have been quieting rowdy pub crowds around Sydney to pin drop silence for ages. 

Peter Blamey is a cool dude and has played at What is Music, Liquid Architecture, Electrofringe, the NOWnow and Cementa_13. He's collaborated with Jim Denley, Adam Süssmann, Emily Morandini, Clare Cooper, Anthony Guerra, Rosalind Hall, Kusum Normoyle (in the duo Hard Hat), Dale Gorfinkel, Sean Baxter and Matt Earle. We're not sure what he's going to do but it'll be good.

Cool poster is by Joe Sukit. Show is $10.