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Rebel Scum // Coursed Waters

Rebel Scum // Coursed Waters (SYD/MEL)
Presented by Bohemian Grove at Lamps (Hibernian House)


Doors at 7pm, music starts at 7:30pm. $10 donation. BYO.

1st set: Rebel Scum

Rhys Mottley - guitar
Bonnie Stewart - drums

Rebel Scum have travelled millions of lights years in order to rock this world. They will play music that you Earthlings might describe as "avant garde", "improvised" "experimental" and "weird". However, they are playing their homeplanet's traditional music. Enjoy and rock on.

2nd set: Coursed Waters (SYD/MEL)

Jacques Emery - double bass
Sam Gill - alto saxophone
Novak Manojlovic - piano
James McLean - drums

Coursed Waters is a Sydney/Melbourne collaboration formed in mid 2016. Their music features expanses of open improvisation within provocative multi-sectional compositions, moving between moments of extreme density through to whispering calm. Here's a short sample of their last Bohemian Grove gig late last year...

Come down and check it out!

Presented by Bohemian Grove at Hibernian House
Time: door 7, first set at 7.30
Price: $10 BYO
For more information, please email