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Three Voices

  • Euston Road Alexandria, NSW, 2015 Australia (map)

10:30pm, 12 & 13 September 2017
Duration 50 minutes

Performed by Sonya Holowell
Design by Elia Bosshard
Lighting by Roderick van Gelder
Cover photography by Vsevolod Vlaskine
Supported by the School of the Arts and Media, UNSW

Audiences are “spellbound,” and “completely immersed in peace and ethereal beauty”

Life is transition. We drift between paradoxical states of perception. Like hypnagogia, the state of loose consciousness between waking and sleep, we may find ourselves between two concrete modes in an abstract, transitory space.

The rarely-performed musical work Three Voices composed by Morton Feldman, is known to bring about an immersive or meditative experience for listeners, inducing quiet and introspective reflection through a shifting sonic landscape. One live singer and two speakers entwine in a 50 minute dialogue of synchronicity and discord, harmony and suspense, unison and isolation. This performance draws inspiration from the elusive lyrics “Who’d have thought that snow falls,” and performer Sonya’s personal discovery of her Australian Indigenous heritage. Within a theatrical frame, Three Voices explores the collision of contrasting worlds and calls into question notions of balance, understanding and reconciliation.

Set in the late evening when the alert mind begins to succumb to the drifting subconscious, this self-induced sensory experience will open the psyche to fluid visual imagery and lucid thought as a way of interpreting paradoxical, abstract material.

“A meditative experience,” and “a sonic bubble masterfully created” - Kathryn Robinson for ClassikON

“ of Australia’s most gifted young contemporary vocalists.” Roland Peelman, Song Company

"I was blown away"
"The underlying essence of the work was laid bare in its most primitive form through her rendering of it.” - Claire Edwardes, Ensemble Offspring

"an extraordinary sounding voice." - Peter Knight, Australian Art Orchestra

“Cache in Point have drive, creativity, musicianship and leadership qualities that speak loudly of their potential to contribute profoundly to the performance of classical music in Australia.” - Susan Gai Dowling, Fine Music FM