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The Sounds Unsound Presents #7

  • The Hideaway Bar 156 Enmore Road Enmore, NSW, 2042 Australia (map)

We're resurrecting The Sounds Unsound Presents series after almost 3 years as we feel Sydney is in dire need of some creative weirdness to counteract the rise of the bad other kind.

Our plan is to mix up the acoustic with the electric, the subtle with the bombastic. We will be running these every month till the end of the year, and beyond with a bit of luck and support.

6.00pm doors

7.00pm raven
8.00pm HAZEY
9.00pm nfqf4m1
10.00pm Sixty Harvests Left

Visuals by LIVING SCIENCE Dept.
Soundscapes by Matthew Syres

The solo project of Peter Hollo, cellist in Tangents (Temporary Residence), FourPlay String Quartet, with Sophie Hutchings and many others. With raven, the cello is looped and processed through pedals, building basslines, percussion, scratchy noises and melodies from the cello into beautiful and unusual sonic structures. A new album featuring cello, piano and electronics will be released by Art As Catharsis in October 2017.

"A picture of reality built up over the years in Benoit Mandelbrot's mind. In 1960, it was a ghost of an idea, a faint, unfocused image. But Mandelbrot recognized it when he saw it, and there it was on the blackboard in Hendrik Houthakker's office" - taken from 'Chaos' by James Gleick.

Electro-acoustic improvising quintet featuring Laura Altman, Prue Fuller, Ruby Everett, Melanine Herbert, Andrew Fedorovitch.

Sixty Harvests Left
Bass, keyboards and electronics create instrumental, improvised, experimental music with hip-hop leanings. More info to come.

Projectionist extraordinaire for the legendary Scattered Order.

Matthew Syres
Founding member of Sydney group Forenzics, Matthew has an eccentric and unusual approach to the guitar, using multiple effects, delays and looping to build complex improvised sonic textures informed by noise, post-rock, industrial and soundscape music.


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