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In Alexandria

  • Warehouse Alexandria - address TBA Sydney, 2000, NSW Australia (map)

Noel Meek and Jim Denley 
Mel Eden
Outside / Inside - Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson and Kevin Wolfox
Scott Gillespie
Wezen Ho

Warehouse Alexandria - address TBA

N O E L M E E K 
Noel Meek is an improvising electronic musician from Wellington, New Zealand. His solo work has been described as “sheer joy . . . unexpectedly bottled in analogue gizmo rituals.” (The Wire), “chaotically playful noise music,” (The Quietus) and “pretty whacked,” by Byron Coley. For the last two years he's been creating music with Sydney based Jim Denley.

W E I Z E N H O is a Performing Artist and Deviser who brings together phonic-vocals and movement. Her performances transform and extend mundane postures, sounds and everyday objects or speech into poetic prayer. She excavates linguistic processes searching out their connection to identity. Her work also draws upon a lineage of Chinese immigrants who have lived for several generations in Melaka (Malaysia) and Java and extends it to her status as an Asian immigrant in Australia. She is fascinated by ritual, in particular the animistic rituals still practised by Chinese clans in her hometown and throughout South-East Asia. For her, ritual, imagery-work and accoutrements are distilled in performance through the visceral vocal-body. The concept of communing with the space of performance and coalescing an architectural relationship between body, voice/sound and site is another key in her performance-creation research.

I N S I D E / O U T S I D E 
I want to know what happens what happens when we bring the sonic gestures of the public domain into the sonic environment of the sound art performance.