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  • Halfback Books Suite 1, 8-12 Pacific Parade Dee Why (map)

Sonic Moves IX is coming up at Halfback Books Dee Why with a line up of fabulous experimental sound artists performing on the night. You are welcome to draw in response, move in response [please note Brian McNamara's bio below] or chill and immerse yourself in the sonic scapes.

Donation at the door for the performing artists : ]

Line Up
Tim O'Driscoll
The solo sci-fi lo-fi improvised electronic sounds of Tim for peoples listening pleasure. Using the finest of cheap analog synths, an interest in Minimalism and a love of english sic-fi to create improvised sound pieces that often take time to develop and travel somewhere (I’m just not sure where though). Exploring the possibilities of live analogue sequencing and sound manipulation utilising minimalist compositional techniques including elements of phase shifting and rhythmic development based on different pulse structures playing together to create extended points of rhythmic resolution. Also often exploring the use of drones combined with the creation of chordal sequences with in the harmonic overtone series that are performed with tape loops on old portable cassette tape players and four track cassette recorders.

Michael Trifunovic

Michael has been a professional freelance guitarist for a number of years, having worked with a wide variety of artists from all over the world.
His projects include Aqualash, Modern Gong Ritual and is also part of Jim Mogines electric guitar orchestra.
His solo guitar performances incorporate soundscapes and textures that are melodic and impressionistic.

Brian McNamara

Brian McNamara is an experimental instrument builder and sound sculpture artist based in Bungendore, NSW, Australia. 
Brian mixes his passions for music, electronics and sculpture into unique objects that should need no explanation to play or experience but convey a deeper meaning in the context of their surroundings.

Brian builds and performs with a range of experimental instruments, with a focus on both autonomous soundart sculptures and interactive installation instruments that require the engagement of multiple people or unusual kinetic movements to be played. His instruments include computer programmed elements, percussion, found sounds from used electronics and purpose designed oscillators.

A key feature of his work is audience movement and participation. Art functions best when the art space is inclusive of the public so through his exploration of experimental sounds he uses engagement with the audience as a medium to convey ideas. These explorations include the link between the environment and technology, our own movement around the planet with movement of those fleeing war torn areas and the link between our own minds and those we try to create in machines.