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Nights at Tempe #14

  • Tempe Jets 1 Holbeach Ave Tempe, NSW, 2044 NSW (map)

Throat Pleats - Niki Johnson and Solomon Frank

Hum Somewhere - Marcus Whale - voice/harmonica, Linus Foley - prepared piano, Jacques Emery - double bass and objects

Tchake - Josten Myburg (WA) & Michael McNab (Vic)

Hum Somewhere - We have been playing together for a few months. We play songs - music with voice and words, but it's not a fixed proposition. It's hard to explain, exactly, but think of our name as a clue.

Niki Johnson and Solomon Frank’s animalistic duologue, Throat Pleats, manifests itself as a series of improvised musical role-plays; carnal vignettes that explore intimate animal impulses. Johnson’s sensual percussion and Frank’s bestial clarinet viscerally combine to create shifting power plays. Their music is an outlet for fantasy and delusion; the naughty sea creature and its sadistic trainer, a midwinter visit to the beach or a predatory burrowing worm preying on an unsuspecting fish.

Tchake is the electro-acoustic improvisation duo of Melbourne drummer Michael McNab and Perth-based electronic musician Josten Myburgh. They have performed at Supersense Festival of the Ecstatic (Melbourne), Cable#8 Festival (Nantes), the Totally Huge New Music Festival (Perth) and in numerous concerts across Australia and Europe. In 2015 they made a release in collaboration with Berlin-based vibraphonist Emilio Gordoa, released on Shame File Music. In 2017, they participated in Dan O'Connor's Residence series in Perth through the Tone List label, creating recordings and performances, from which they created their debut duo release Both and Net, also including a collaboration with Jameson Feakes. Their earlier works used extensive electro-acoustic processing and dense sound design; more recently they have worked with a harsher, reductionist aesthetic, making heavy use of found object percussion, feedback systems, silence and stasis.