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The Sounds Unsound Presents #14

  • The Hideaway Bar 156 Enmore Road Enmore, NSW, 2042 Australia (map)

Number 14 in the resurrected series of improvised, experimental or just plain weird yet beautiful music nights. Still blending the acoustic with the electric, the subtle with the bombastic. Free!

6.30pm doors

7.00pm Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson
8.00pm Jon Panther
9.00pm Rebel Scum
10.00pm KPG

Visuals by LIVING SCIENCE Dept. (Colum Skeleton)
Soundscape Interludes by Matthew Syres

Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson
Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson is a fingerstyle noise guitarist working with composition, free improvisation, and extended techniques. At The Sounds Unsound #14, Sebastian will perform a new instalment of his City Improvisations series. Live, real-time audio from Enmore Road will be sent in to the sound system, with the sonic contributions from the street functioning as the other half of the improvisational duo. 

Jon Panther
Jon (sometimes known as Dead Peoples Records) is a sound artist enjoying the relationship that the human voice has with recorded and transmitting mediums while flippantly celebrating the absurdity of the ordinary. Jon also produces content for the award winning Radia Network narrowcasting @ Listening Space 90Mhz Sydney AUS

Rebel Scum
Rebel Scum have travelled millions of lights years in order to rock this world. They play music that you Earthlings might describe as "avant garde", "improvised" "experimental" and "weird". However, they are playing their homeplanet's traditional music.

NOISE SILENCES NEGATIVITY: K•P•G hails from New Jersey and creates noise music that is a reflection of something fucked up yet poetic. Some songs are happy, some are sad, but all are guaranteed to damage your hearing. New album due out on Contradiction Tapes in March (the first of several releases for this year)

Projectionist extraordinaire for the legendary Scattered Order.

Matthew Syres
Founding member of Sydney group Forenzics, Matthew has an eccentric and unusual approach to the guitar, using multiple effects, delays and looping to build complex improvised sonic textures informed by noise, post-rock, industrial and soundscape music. Here he plays an optical theremin, open jack and contact mic to create subtle textured soundscape interludes between sets.