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Emu Cakes #1 w/ Bee Mask (USA. Spectrum Spools, Room40) + more

  • secret inner west location (map)

Emu Cakes is a new event series from those behind Strange Signals that draws lines between the states attained when engaging with ambient, experimental, psychedelic, tribal and atonal music and performance with states attained during the modern electronic/club/techno/dance experience, presented in safe, diverse, inclusive, comfortable, attitude free environments.

BEE MASK (USA, Spectrum Spools, Room40, Editions Mego)
LOW FLUNG (live)
WDK (live)


BEE MASK presents Marbles

For our first event we are absolutely thrilled to have Philadelphia's Bee Mask, aka Chris Madak return to Sydney to present his new performance "Marbles". Chris is perhaps best known for his assemblages of found sound, synthesis, modular explorations and insane audio processing, handled with an intricate sense of balance, detail, tension, humour and the absurd, creating sonic worlds and multiverses of amazing depth, resolution and novelty.

With over 12 years of output, largely on his own Deception Island tape/CDr imprint, his work was brought to a larger audience through John Elliot's Editions Mego sublabel, Spectrum Spools, and later Australian Lawrence English's Room40, and has attracted the remix of attention of Strange Signals favourites Donato Dozzy and Peter Van Hoesen.

We have an amazing lineup for the rest of the evening and further details will emerge shortly. 


"Garry Bradbury has probably forgotten more about music than what you and I have ever learned" K.O.

Garry Bradbury is a long standing member of the Australian electronic music and arts scene, and has had prolific output since 1979, across multiple mediums and formats. Found sound manipulation and collage, reel to reel tape decks, analog synthesizers, lots of synthesizers, working and broken, samplers and computers have all been part of the repertoire. He's been in Sydney "electronic supergroup" Size with Jason Gee, and frequently collaborated with other Sydney luminaries such as Ian Andrews.

No.Ware, (the psychedelic ambient label run by Strange Signals friends Atom TM and Material Object) released "Yakovelvian Torque", a CD of new twisted material from Bradbury in 1996 which has led to more frequent appearances in and around Sydney

Oh, he likes beer that is over 5.5% in alcohol, and he was also a member of the pioneering post punk / industrial band Severed Heads.

Bradbury will be playing live, and also be exhibiting a number of original art works, psychedelic and highly original collages that are the visual equivalent of his music.


Low Flung is the moniker of visual artist Danny Wild. Low Flung is an audio visual project that uses field recordings, modular synthesiser and video to create works that imply narrative.

He came to our attention through listening to the many wonderful recordings he's made or released on his Sydney based, independent label Moontown Records, as well as contributing his sonic experiments to other notable Australian experimental labels such as Chemical Imbalance amongst others.

Low Flung will be bringing a new set of modular goodness to Emu Cakes, and will no doubt be telling a story. It's something to get totally lost in.


WDK moved to Melbourne because they were too hardcore for Sydney. Fact.

Part sonic experiment, part dancefloor, all beautiful noise, the duo comprised of Jannah Quill and Laura Hunt produce some of the most engaging and visceral sound experiences you're likely to encounter this side of somewhere where there's even more engaging and visceral sounds. We haven't found that place yet.

With a mix of synthesisers, drum machines, pedals and found objects, their output is possibly best described as "Pan Sonic having a conversation in your goldfish's fishbowl full of water inside an industrial washing machine" it's both eminently likeable, but also completely unnerving. There's a risk you'll recline into your comfortable seat in terror, only to get up and start dancing like a 48V battery has been touched to your buttocks the next instant.

Sounds pretty rad, doesn't it?


Jasmine is an internationally acclaimed sound artist and composer whose ouevre spans live performance, recording and the capacity of sound installation to interrogate site. Through the sonification of data she addresses the potential for sound to engage with contemporary political questions. 

Her compositions are varied, yet still are indentifiable by their common characteristics, and present textured yet hypnotic depths that create spatial zones that fully integrate both the listening environment, performance and audience. 

Her work has been exhibited internationally, and she's been a fixture of both music and electronic art festivals globally. 

Her latest LP "Traced" on Sonic Pieces, is a transfigurational work that fully explores the unnerving impact of surveillance, artificial intelligence and sentient machines on our lives, and is truly a sonic oneirogen.


Strange Signals' Matt Costain, while easily the least talented of the entire lineup, has a decent record collection which he'll deploy between sets to remove any awkward silences.


If you're interested in contributing to this event, or future events in this series, whether a performance, an installation, a presentation of your work, an exhibition, or something else entirely please get in touch via the Strange Signals inbox!

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