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Dr Rosenberg’s Wunderkammer

  • Delmar Gallery 144 Victoria Street Ashfield, NSW, 2131 Australia (map)

On this last day of the Wunderkammer, Jon Rose is closing the doors of perception with a concert on the Fence. Originally a commission from Kronos string quartet and The Opera House, Jon created four fences as concert stage replacements for the real outback thing:

He also made a prototype, and this he kept; you can hear it in an extended set today.  Following that, he will lead a guided tour of the museum, communicating and explaining the various bizarre and unlikely stories that have become associated with the collection.

If you are interested in the why, how, and wherefore of music and sound, this exhibition is for you: 1,000+ artefacts featuring everything on, with, or about violins. The brain child of violinist, composer, improviser, and inventor Jon Rose, these are not just your regular violins. This museum features violins of fantasy and the fantastic. There are violins with extra necks, violins with way too many strings, robot violins, wheeling violins, violins joined together like Siamese twins, and violins to be played on and by a bicycle. The homemade instruments and historic gems include a violin made out of an ammunition box in the trenches of World War 1.  A full size musical coffin.  Violins made from metal drain pipes, plexiglass, vegetable boxes, 78 record players, and other unlikely materials and objects.  A collection of already obsolete digital interactive violin bows.  A vast assortment of kitsch with the violin rendered in a kaleidoscope of political and social commentary and the everyday. Countless postcards and adverts with the ubiquitous violin, some sexually explicit. Nearly a hundred framed pictures of the violin, often portrayed in some extremely odd and thought provoking situations. The Museum thanks Harry Vatiliotis, Paul Bryant, and Josef Cseres for their generous contributions and welcomes guest items from Ross Manning, Mimi Kind, Antoine Lespets, Madeline Gisz, Ruben Palmer, Daniel Biederman, and Allen Irwin.

Earlier Event: April 27
Later Event: April 29
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