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Vavenge + friends

  • 82A Henderson Road Alexandria, NSW, 2015 Australia (map)

Pia Van Gelder
Peter Blamey + Matthew P Hopkins
Mimi Kind + Lilli Pearse

$10, music from 8pm. 

Venue will be revealed on the day, PM if you need details beforehand.

Vavenge comprises the dual synth & vocal attack of Nick Dan (xNoBBQx) and Nicola Morton (Club Sound Witches), the gothic bass melodies of Anthony Guerra (Love Chants) along with the semi-random automated whizzer percussion contraption courtesy of Matt Earle (Breakdance the Dawn, etc). Their fourth release contains four lengthy, disembodied moods appropriate for zoning out within spacious surrounds. Each enveloping field whisks one away into a subtle background of negative density, pausing in time for a reflection on nothingness.

Pia van Gelder is an electronic artist and researcher. Van Gelder’s work involves designing and building electronic instruments that are presented in performance and interactive installation contexts. Her works investigate our relationships with technology and energy.

Peter Blamey is a Sydney-based artist. His work explores sound, energies and residues, and the relationships between people, technologies and environments. His practice is typically grass roots and ‘hands-on’, and frequently involves establishing interactions between disparate everyday materials to produce performances, artworks and installations aimed (in part) at reimagining accepted notions of connectivity, variability and use.
Matthew P. Hopkins is a sound maker from Sydney, Australia. Hopkins employs abstracted voice, feedback, field recordings and found sounds, along with ambient and drone based musical forms in his compositions.

Mimi Kind + Lilli Pearse sound sculpture.

Set times
10:15 Vavenge
9:30 Pia Van Gelder
8:45 Peter Blamey + Matthew P Hopkins
8:00 Mimi Kind + Lilli Pearse