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The Experiment

  • East Sydney Community and Arts Centre 34 Burton Street Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010 Australia (map)


BUD PETAL is a folk musician who grew up in the Levant, and is heavily influenced by the music, vocal techniques and song structures that are unique to the region. Since moving to Australia in his teens, Bud has fused his love for Middle Eastern music with the folk and pop music he was exposed to in Australia and Europe, thus creating the unique blend of sounds, stories and art that is the music of the band Bud Petal. Bud will be playing some songs from the band's forthcoming album, "Sydney, Sydney".

COFFIN ED presents a history of Sydney's forgotten nightclubs. circa 1960's to 1980's. Coffin has been writing for Sydney street press going back many decades. He is a keen observer of culture and brings a jaundice eye to bear on modern property development. In April he presented a history of the Darlinghurst arts community and the original acts at Heffron Hall. He is back by popular demand to investigate the history of nightclubs and nightlife around Darlinghurst. 

THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN the king of dance. Miss Death & Jay Katz grandson is the apple of their eyes and kicks off every Experiment with his own choreographed dance piece set to an electrifying electronic composition. Guest artists have been known to appear out of the blue and perform with him. Last month was Christa Hughes, who know's who could come out of the woodwork in May. 

FLŒK Ben Hinchley and Andrew Batt-Rawden, present their work "Proxima". The work is a sound, text and movement score, a meditation on personal and communal 'space', physically and technologically, with live-data-responsive composition. Audiences are encouraged to bring their phones for use during performance, as the performers will be connecting everyone into a massive web-based software synth that uses audience's phones as part of the instrument. Andrew and Ben have been creating works together for 4 years using a plethora of live-data streams to trigger different components of sound.

Artist, DJ and chronic knitter MISS DEATH will present her version of Rage with a short series of music videos highlighting obscure female artists from around the globe.