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The Sounds Unsound Presents #18

  • The Hideaway Bar 156 Enmore Road Enmore, NSW, 2042 Australia (map)

Number 18 in the resurrected series of improvised, experimental or just plain weird yet beautiful music nights. Still blending the acoustic with the electric, the subtle with the bombastic.

6.30pm doors

7.00pm Silver Beat (Aemon Webb/Melanie Louise Eden)
8.00pm Clocks and Clouds
9.00pm Defektro
10.00pm Smashbros (Finn Ryan/Peter Farrar)

Visuals by LIVING SCIENCE Dept. (Colum Skeleton)
Soundscape interludes by Matthew Syres

Silver Beat
Improvising duo featuring Armon Webb on guitar and Melanie Louise Eden on looped vocals.

Clocks and Clouds
Clocks and Clouds is comprised of core players and composers Kraig Grady and Terumi Narushima.

Their totally acoustic performances feature specially retuned vibraphone and pump organ. Often they are joined by like-minded musicians to include other instruments of their ensemble, such as the Mesotonal (meaning ‘between tones’) Marimba and thundering bass Meru Bars.

These unique instruments - with a pure 151 limit harmonic tuning - explore the beauty of room resonances via ancient sacred scales and multi-dimensional geometries. It is not uncommon for an audience to experience the sensation of harmonics sweeping through space due to the way in which sound waves from the instruments interact with the environment. 

Hirofumi Uchino, a futuristic Dr Frankenstien, is the evil mastermind and father of the machines used in Defektro. The sound is produced by the machines, sampled, effected chewed up and spat out much to the pleasure of the audience.

Smashbros (Finn Ryan/Peter Farrar)
Peter Farrar and Finn Ryan come together in duo form to make high energy, trance-like improvisations. Reminiscent of a bustling marketplace, saxophone calls buzz and pop, weaving in and out of scattered polyrhythms, creating an all together hectic scene.

LIVING SCIENCE Dept. (Colum Skeleton)
Projectionist extraordinaire for the legendary Scattered Order.

Matthew Syres'
Founding member of Sydney group Forenzics and Syntax Error, Matthew has an eccentric and unusual approach to the guitar, using multiple effects, delays and looping to build complex improvised sonic textures informed by noise, post-rock, industrial and soundscape music. Here he plays an optical theremin, open jack and contact mic to create subtle textured soundscape interludes between sets.