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HAZEY / Syntax Error / Fifty-Nine Harvests Left / DJ Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson

  • Slyfox 199 Enmore Road Enmore, NSW, 2042 Australia (map)

After an amazing debut at the event last month, Syntax Error return to SICKO, this time guest curating the entire night, and featuring some of our favourite experimental and improvising musicians, and a DJ guaranteed to mess with your head. 

HAZEY is the amalgamation of light, sound, colour, contour, the past, present and future, the foreseen and the unknown. Exploding from the mind.

Syntax Error
Syntax Error are a four piece Sydney guitar band that might strike some as post-rock, others as psychedelic and still others as the last outpost of a darker kind of Prog. This all-of-the-above comes from each member bringing their own unique sensibility to the music. Most of their pieces are born out of improvising and letting those disparate influences create friction against each other, which leads to either harsh combustion or new and strange mutations. The music blurs spontaneity with composition, melody with noise, chaos with structure, light with shade. Syntax Error are always an immersive experience.

Fifty-Nine Harvests Left (formerly Fifty-Nine Harvests Left)
Fifty-Nine Harvests Left will soon be Fifty-Eight Harvests Left. In the interim, they are best described with a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote: "The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization." Bass, keyboards and electronics create instrumental, improvised, experimental music with hip-hop leanings.

DJ Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson
Seb will be playing a mix of some of his favourite records. Some noisy, some pretty, and some both at once.