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Children of the NIGHT

  • Alexandria Warehouse Alexandria, NSW, 2015 Australia (map)

featuring new works from : 

Bradbury-when not attending gigs like Whirlyworld & Primitive Calculators in 1979 @ Chequers? Wearing chopped pieces of sheeps Hearts pinned to his punk ass blazer jacket.
he does this sort of stuff:
Birth name Garry Bradbury
Occupation(s) poet
Instruments tape, electronics
Years active 1979–present
Labels Terse Tapes
Dogfood Prod Systems
Ink Records
Virgin Records
Zonar records
Dual Plover
Associated acts Severed Heads
Lamington Lady
Wet Taxis
Hiroshima Chair/ Sanity Clause (with Ian Andrews)

Garry Bradbury is an Australian electronic musician active in Sydney's experimental music scene since 1979. His early work specialised in makeshift electronics and recording techniques, found sound manipulation, especially tape using reel to reel and tape decks, as well as experiments with customised pianola scrolls. After years working in various collaborative projects, in 1988 he released his first solo album, Drug Induced Sex Rituals. For further reference and free download of his back catalogue go to 

Nicola Morten/ Equalizer 24k-“Heart attack music” from the solo project of Nicola Morton of Australian underground cells Bad Intentions and Club Sound Witches: using re-jacked electronics, formless noise and sludgy bedroom bass, Nicola performs a crude DIY séance where mutated almost-vocals are narrating some kind of weird cosmo text which is being simultaneously deformed by bombards of insane shortwave and tape destruct, coming over like EVP recordings of a small child being held captive by minds from other realities until the whole deal explodes into the kind of crude beatbox pop that push the techno of Club Sound Witches into the kind of occult stylings of a P.A.R.A w/a more disobedient Silicon Teens>Instant Automatons style. Yeah!

This is Authority-Dead shit wimp men with combined IQ of 95 spend 33 hours per week trying to get the sounds from their brains into an electronic box. The idiotic lyrical content provided is merely a byproduct of living with being dumb. Screaming at the horror of being not equipped with the patience or intellect to consistently put music into a box.

? Mensch unfortunately has had to withdraw from the proceedings

Babeh-Fast charging Babeh have all the primal drive of early rock while smashing post punk textures and shredding their techno influences. Gritty lyrics course through riff heavy veins on a hot bed of beats and sonic devices. Babeh is working for the crowd reaction, peeling back the layers to see what pounding essence lies beneath. Energetic , powerful and fun this isn't a slow burn's a direct strike.

evil heat.- previously seen in such adventurous misadventures as Dual Plover & System corrupt. now enacting the cold moonscrape , cacophany of coldwave drone noise band evil heat . We like coldwave walks along the beach & listening to 45 records play @ 33 on a rug infront of the fire in a medievil noise bunker.tape manipulation, noise machines, industrial music programming, piloting synthesizers on the weekends for kicks.behold the coldwave drones and no wave nuance of evil heat.Between us our outputs have covered Bloody Fist records, Vvm records,EMI records,extreme electronics, sy:co recordings, Dual Plover, Pain free foundsound,etc
we have just released a 7inch on 8th house ghosts.