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The Sounds Unsound Presents #19

  • The Hideaway Bar 156 Enmore Road Enmore, NSW, 2042 Australia (map)

Number 19 in the resurrected series of improvised, experimental or just plain weird yet beautiful music nights. Still blending the acoustic with the electric, the subtle with the bombastic.

6.30pm doors

7.00pm Ensombl Onsembel (Enzszszszszszszomnble Onsombl)
8.00pm The little hand of the faithful (duo)
9.00pm Scattered (Sam Gill Music)
10.00pm raven

Visuals by LIVING SCIENCE Dept. (Colum Skeleton)
Soundscape interludes by Matthew Syres

Ensombl Onsembel (Enzszszszszszszomnble Onsombl)
Onsombl Ensemble (always spelt a different way) is a proudly ungoogle-able band of composer-performers; a testing ground for new ideas both notated and improvised. The ensemble lets styles clash and personal tastes crunch, inducing juxtaposed and conflict-ridden music. The group endeavours to allow human creative agency to be a variable in composed music, seeing collaboration as a utopian ideal to strive for in a contemporary ensemble. They depart from the hierarchical, prescriptive structures of the classical tradition allowing the singular ownership of a composition to dissolve. The group embodies the cohesive democratic ensemble unit and its endless performative possibilities.

The members do not restrict themselves to one instrument, instead seeking out new sound in whatever form it presents itself; objects, voice, circuit bending etc.

Players: Solomon Frank, Josephine Macken, Will Hansen, Naomi Dodd, Joshua Winestock, Kristina Hutchinson, Angus Davison

The little hand of the faithful (duo)
On sabbatical from Scattered Order, Mitchell Jones has adopted the name The little hand of the faithful to record 'is with you' - an album of instrumental tracks featuring messed up guitars, odd beats, synths, found sounds and samples, which he combines to form a foreboding and urgent atmosphere. Sometimes this intensity is balanced by a haunting melancholia, with always a tiny glimmer of hope poking its head over the parapet.

Scattered (Sam Gill Music)
Scattered is an improvising quintet led by saxophonist and composer Sam Gill. The group’s music draws inspiration equally from the worlds of chamber music and free improvisation, creating evocative multi-part compositions with a large dose of improvisational freedom.

Paul Cutlan - Bb and bass clarinet, Jacques Emery - double bass, Sam Gill - alto saxophone & compositions, Yutaro Okuda - guitar, Luke Sweeting - accordion

The solo project of Peter Hollo, cellist in Tangents (Temporary Residence), FourPlay String Quartet, with Sophie Hutchings and many others. With raven, the cello is looped and processed through pedals, building basslines, percussion, scratchy noises and melodies from the cello into beautiful and unusual sonic structures. 

LIVING SCIENCE Dept. (Colum Skeleton)
Projectionist extraordinaire for the legendary Scattered Order.

Matthew Syres
Founding member of Sydney groups Forenzics and Syntax Error, Matthew has an eccentric and unusual approach to the guitar, using multiple effects, delays and looping to build complex improvised sonic textures informed by noise, post-rock, industrial and soundscape music. Here he plays an optical theremin, open jack and contact mic to create subtle textured soundscape interludes between sets.