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Intra-Splinter - Splinter Orchestra

  • Down / Under Space (Freda's) 109 Regent Street Redfern, NSW, 2016 Australia (map)

Our next group exhibtion will be from Sydney's large-scale electro-acoustic improvising ensemble Splinter Orchestra. 


Much of splinter’s public work the last few years has been an exploration of choreographed orchestral playing in vast spaces - at Mungo and Bundanon the geophony (wind) and biophony (bugs and birds) had as much say as any anthrophony (cars, planes and music).

Intra-Splinter will focus down to relationships and cultures within the group - in a small, urban space Splinter presents and listens into a series of sub groups. 

In our search for relevant orchestral music for our time/space we hope this re-focusing will add to our knowledge and mutual respect for each other’s ongoing development, and hence the evolution of the collective.

These performances will be set against and punctuate the backdrop of Splintstallations: small sound installations designed to both exist independently, as well as coexist with each other... just like the many voices of Splinter work together, sometimes in parallel, sometimes intersecting...

This event will open Wednesday 22nd of November with performances from various members of the collective to follow on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings 6-9pm.

WED 22nd

6:45 Charlie Sundborn + Jack Stoneham [saxophones]
7:15 Axel Powrie + Drew Bourgeois + Tim Wall [bass, percussion, clarinet]
7:45 Dreem Teem (Rhys Mottley, Peter Farrar, Laura Altman) [a guitar]
8:15 TQF4M1 (Laura Altman, Romy Caen, Prue Fuller, Andrew Fedorovitch, Melanie Herbert)  [electronics, clarinet, saxophone, voices, objects, violin]

8:45 Splinter Orchestra 

THURS 23rd

6:30 Melanie Eden + Prue Fuller [voices]
7:00 Tony Osborne + friends [mechanical and electrical instruments]
7:30 Bonnie Stewart + Marco Cheng [percussion and guitar]
8:00 Jim Denley + Luiz Gabriel Gubeissi + Maximillian Alduca [woodwinds + stringed bass instruments]
8:30 Romy Caen + Cor Fuhler + Bonnie Stewart [percussion, home-made instruments, ... +?] 

FRI 24th

6:30 Solly Frank + Clara Pitt + Axel Powrie [assorted wind instruments + bass]
7:00 Cor Fuhler + Sonya Holowell [voice and ...]
7:30 Marco Cheng + Luiz Gabriel Gubeissi + Drew Bourgeois [strings and percussion]
8:00 Rhys Mottley + Maximillian Alduca + Charlie Sundborn [guitar, bass, saxophone]

SAT 25th

6:30 Clara Pitt + Tim Wall + Melanie Herbert + Sonya Holowell [flute, clarinet, violin, vocal chords]
7:00 Massed Single Reedists (Axel Powrie, Solly Frank, Laura Altman, Jim Denley, Ruby Everett, Tim Wall, Peter Farrar, Rhys Mottley, Charlie Sundborn, Jack Stoneham, Andrew Fedorovitch) 
7:30 Ruby Everett + Adam Gottlieb [guitar and saxophone]
8:00 Splinterview
8:30 Voices

+ Splintstallations over 4 days