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SICKO 2019 Season Launch

  • Tom Foster Seniors Centre 11 Darley St Newtown, NSW, 2042 Australia (map)

Anti Guitar Trio
Anti Guitar Trio play progressive guitar compositions written by Simon Dawes of Instrumental (adj).
Expect intricate, polyrhythmic and mesmerising composition in the vein of Robert Fripp, John McLaughlin and Steve Reich.

Throat Pleats
Niki Johnson and Solomon Frank’s animalistic duologue manifests itself as a series of improvised musical role-plays. Johnson’s sensual percussion and Frank’s bestial clarinet viscerally combine to create shifting power plays. Their music is an outlet for fantasy and delusion; the naughty sea creature and its sadistic trainer, a midwinter visit to the beach or a stranger calling in the night

Inspired by work in Australian Indigenous communities over the last 25 years and European microtonal harmonic systems, such as Istria (whose microtonal scale has been listed in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List), as well as explorations in Pythagorean Harmonics and Just Intonation combined with concepts of time and place borrowed from the Indian classical raga system.
The slowly evolving work builds on natural harmonies and subtracted or interpolated fundamentals, it flows between sublime and challenging sonorities at an almost imperceptible rate.
DRONESCAPES combines live composition and orchestration with granular and spectral manipulation technologies to create and immersive experience that attempts to challenge concepts of time, harmony and resonance, forcing technical and musical responses from the performer to non-traditional harmonic structures.