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The Sounds Unsound Presents #23

  • The Hideaway Bar 156 Enmore Road Enmore, NSW, 2042 Australia (map)

Number 23 in the resurrected series of improvised, experimental or just plain weird yet beautiful music nights. Still blending the acoustic with the electric, the subtle with the bombastic.

5.00pm Doors and Happy Hour(s)

7.30pm Eel Specimens Jar
8.30pm Nik Nak and Abstract Doll +FM Grande
9.30pm Dirk Kruithof Expanded Trio
10.30pm Lint (Mitchell and Dru Jones)

Visuals by LIVING SCIENCE Dept. (Colum Skeleton)
Soundscape interludes by Matthew Syres

Eel Specimens Jar
Eel Specimens Jar is a side project of Australian Double Bassist Elsen Price. This performance project makes use of the double bass as a means of volume, noise and dissonance. Performances have included extended sets of 5-8hours long, multiple loops/pieces performed at the same time, performing off stage in the audience and often without any recognition of an audience being present. For the most part it is purely non-concert hall music.

Nik Nak and Abstract Doll
NikNak and Abstract Doll are a performance duo that mesh music and dance using motion/gestural instruments such as the SwizzleStick. A collaboration between musician/artist/instrument maker Nick Wishart and dancer/performer Effie Lmn expect sounds/lights and music created from movement! We will also be joined by the VJ FM Grande who uses live video feeds, found footage and interactive effects to create immersive projected environments.

Dirk Kruithof Expanded Trio
Dirk Kruithof expanded TRIO play high energy free-jazz / skronk / rawkus roll. Free-Improvisation and loosely structured composition is on the menu, with electric guitar, drum kit, baritone sax (and featuring occasional guest artists). Coltrane's 'interstellar space' era, Archie Schepp, Marc Ribot, James Blood Ulmer, Sonny Shamrock and Derek Bailey are their fiery spirit guides. The band is led by guitarist Dirk and makes one helluva collective racket.

Lint sounds like a walk through a series of rooms where the floor may be missing. Formed quite a long time ago, by Mitchell Jones (The Barons, Scattered Order, My Name is Mannering, The little hand of the faithful) and Dru Jones (Height/Dismay, Scattered Order, Skipism), Lint has played publicly only a handful of times. Instrumentation is minimal: guitar, iPad, beats, treatments. Results are maximal.

LIVING SCIENCE Dept. (Colum Skeleton)
Projectionist extraordinaire for the legendary Scattered Order.

Matthew Syres
Founding member of Sydney groups Forenzics and Syntax Error, Matthew has an eccentric and unusual approach to the guitar, using multiple effects, delays and looping to build complex improvised sonic textures informed by noise, post-rock, industrial and soundscape music. Here he plays an optical theremin, open jack and contact mic to create subtle textured soundscape interludes between sets.


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